Aug 28 2008


Whether you’re a PowerPoint apprentice or master, here’s a collection of carefully chosen links to useful sites, blogs, articles, etc. Please check back often as I continue to add new links to this section.

Presentation & PowerPoint Blogs

There are many blogs that touch upon these subjects, but only a subset of them are compelling and insightful.

PowerPoint Support

Here are some useful support resources for when you’re running into product issues.

Affordable Stock Photo Sites

All of these stock photo sites offer royalty-free images starting at $1 an image. To find just the right image, you may need to visit more than one stock photo site.

If you use lots of images each month, you might find a subscription approach more cost effective.

Presentation-Related Tools

As I’ve started blogging about various PowerPoint and presentation topics, I’ve come across some interesting presentation tools. These tools might be alternatives to PowerPoint or complementary tools for PowerPoint users.

  • ColorCop: easy-to-use, free eyedropper/color picker tool
  • Freepath: allows you to combine PPT files and various other media files in a playlist
  • Prezi: interesting presentation alternative that uses customizable animated maps
  • SlideRocket: online presentation alternative to PowerPoint
  • WhatTheFont: font identification tool and forum
  • FontSquirrel: “100% free fonts for commercial use”

Useful Quotation Sites

Most of the famous quotation sites are difficult to use due to a variety of usability issues. I found these ones to be among the better ones for finding useful, concise quotes.

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