Aug 16 2010

Using Shadow Effects in PowerPoint 2007

Shadow effects can help images to leap from your slides. (c) Thinkstock

Shadow effects can help images to leap from your slides. (c) Thinkstock

One of my favorite new features of PowerPoint 2007 is the ability to add shadows to images, objects, and text. Previously in PowerPoint 2003, you were only able to add shadows to text — that’s it. You would need Photoshop and the necessary graphic editing skills to create professional-looking shadows for anything else. Now Microsoft gives you some Photoshop-like shadow effects in PowerPoint 2007.

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Nov 21 2009

PowerPoint Ninja Toolbox: Distribute Options

Get your ducks in an evenly distributed row (c) Shutterstock

Get your ducks in an evenly distributed row (c) Shutterstock

In my previous post, I covered the useful Align features within PowerPoint. Frequently, when I use these Align options to organize shapes and images, I also use the Distribute features at the same time.

When you’re placing objects on a PowerPoint slide, you may align them properly, but that doesn’t mean they are evenly spaced. Spacing out your objects evenly is just another simple action that can keep your slides looking clean and professional. PowerPoint ninjas have zero tolerance for sloppily placed objects in their business presentations. Continue reading “PowerPoint Ninja Toolbox: Distribute Options”

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Nov 10 2009

PowerPoint Ninja Toolbox: Align Options

Alignment is important in professional-looking presentations. (c) Shutterstock

It’s been a while since I added a “toolbox” article to my blog. In these articles, I cover some of the key features of PowerPoint such as the Format Painter or Drawing Guides that every PowerPoint apprentice or ninja should know about. These are the features that I use almost every time I create a PowerPoint presentation. Continue reading “PowerPoint Ninja Toolbox: Align Options”

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May 09 2009

Password Protect Your PowerPoint Slides


The Dharma Initiative might want to mix up their passwords for their top secret PPT presentations.

If you share your PowerPoint slides with other people inside or outside your organization, you may want to control or lock your slides so that they can only be viewed or edited by select people.

Nothing can be more painful than seeing your carefully designed PowerPoint presentation being butchered by random individuals within your company. PowerPoint provides a couple of options to control what happens to your slides after you’ve built them. Continue reading “Password Protect Your PowerPoint Slides”

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Apr 13 2009

PowerPoint and the Elusive Color Picker / Eye Dropper

An eye dropper tool should be baked into PowerPoint

An eye dropper tool should be baked into PowerPoint

If you’ve used drawing or photo editing applications such as Illustrator or Photoshop, you will be familiar with their color picker or eye dropper tools, which enable you to extract a color from an image so the same color can be added to other objects. I wish PowerPoint offered this same functionality, but alas it doesn’t. Luckily, there are many outside color picker apps that can be leveraged in conjunction with PowerPoint. Continue reading “PowerPoint and the Elusive Color Picker / Eye Dropper”

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