Apr 06 2011

Bedazzling Presentations with New Transitions in PPT 2010

You can bedazzle your presentations with new transitions in PowerPoint 2010. But should you?

If you’ve used slide transitions in PowerPoint, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft has upgraded the transition effects in PowerPoint 2010. They’re slicker and smoother than the stale ones that you’ve seen in recent versions of PowerPoint. In fact, if you’ve seen any presentations done on Apple’s Keynote presentation software, you’ll recognize some similar effects in PowerPoint 2010 (e.g., the “cube turn” transition). I believe the 19 new transitions were a direct response to Keynote’s more cinematic, professional-looking transition effects, which put to shame PowerPoint’s transition effects. Continue reading “Bedazzling Presentations with New Transitions in PPT 2010”